This photograph is  published in my first book and should be seen as a kind of criticism against socialmedia and it’s censorship madness, where art is losing it’s freedom.

The photographs which are shown in the „Collector’s Edition“ are produced in the absolutely state of the art process. Printed on a highend lambda printer, they are laminated on aluminium and then sealed with acrylic glass. The result is a brilliant and vivid photograph.

Of course the photographs in the “Collector’s Edition” are numbered, handsigned and come along with a certificate of authenticity with hologram.





The photographs of the “Collector’s Edition”

– are carefully handpicked photographs which have a special meaning for me. They are strictly limited in a very small edition.

– will neither be available in the ” Photographer’s Selection” nor available as poster.

– are available in different sizes and are perfect for flats, lofts, office buildings and other locations.

– are produced in the highest possible process. The special development process results in completely realistic images that rival natural sight and the retina’s ability to bundle visual information into a single experience.

Each photograph comes along with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity including a hologram to confirm the authenticity.

IMPORTANT: The prices of this edition are progressive.

Just click on Premium Composite for more informations.


Formats and editions available:

30 x 40 cm – edition of 11

40 x 60 cm – edition of 9

50 x 70 cm – edition of 7

70 x 100 cm – edition of 5

100 x 150 cm – edition of 3

120 x 180 cm – edition of 3



Additional information

Weight N/A

30 x 40 cm ( 11,81" x 15,75" ), 40 x 60 cm ( 11,8" x 15,7" ), 50 x 70 cm ( 19,69" x 27,6" ), 70 x 100 cm ( 27,6" x 39,4" ), 100 x 150 cm ( 39,4" x 59,1" ), 120 x 180 cm ( 47,24" x 70,86" )


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